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Bizarre Struggles That Girls Playing Online Games Will Understand

Online games are always fun to play in. But there is still some gender paradox that gets mixed up when a girl plays it. Some come out with like, Oh! You know she plays online games. Some even do not think twice to murmur that she must not be playing it in the right way. A girl cannot play the way a boy or a man can play. Yes, there are certain struggles that the women or girls of the millennial generation still face. Let’s know what!

You are called as an “oh, girl gamer.”

You will get to hear once in your lifetime, if you play online games or video games, “Are you a girl gamer?” This is a reconciliation where you have to prove that yes, you do play online games. This seems so monotonic that you have to prove it to someone that you play games and you do it for your recreation.

People won’t get what you are talking about

If you are wearing a t-shirt of a gamer that you have just recently played will bounce over the head of men. They start assuming that you are trying to draw in their attention because they have trained their mind to think that girls do not play such stuff.

You might get life threats

It is often calculated that man with a weird understanding forego the grip of their tongue and speak clutter of demeaning words. Men with the retarded vision of their mind might threat you to life and deter it from making it real for you.

Female choice of attire is unrealistic

Generally, to earn business to the online gaming, nerdy stuff is made for the female characters so that more of male traffic gets to join the game. The female characters are n


ot made to appeal the women rather treated as sex objects to draw the attention of men.

Left alone in a man dominated area

You must have noticed about you being the only woman to enter into a room. You may want just to relax and enjoy your part of entertainment in playing the video game. But, the rest of the crowd would look at you as if you have just robbed them.

The silly assumption that is rolled for jealousy

It is often considered that women are an anticipatory competition of one another. Men think that women can not undergo the sight of sisterhood and consider it to be some kind of jealousy that runs underneath.

You have to maintain your composure in every odd

There will be a crowd who would pass some sexist comments if you are a gamer. This will only arise if you are a girl. As you would be the only one playing games, you will feel to represent your gender.

Misogyny that runs

Everyone has framed a picture of a girl gamer. You will often hear being told about how to carry yourself. The only reason that the players have seen female characters in that particular way, so, you have to look like that.